Windows 10 500 million users

At Microsoft’s Build 2017 developer conference Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced various Windows 10 related products. Nadella told the congregation that operating system has reached a milestone of 500 million monthly active users.

With 500 million monthly users, Microsoft also accomplished 100 million monthly Office 365 user and 150 million monthly users of virtual assistant Cortana.

The latest statics comes almost eight months after when company reviled 400 million devices were running OS. Nadella claimed that company would have 1 billion active windows 10 users by mid-2018.

Reaching the goal of 1 billion monthly users won’t be easy as it took Microsoft 21 months to reach 500 million users. New statics also reviled that more than 300 million users using OS for more than 3.5 hours daily, And after the release Windows 10 S for the education sector, Microsoft believes that Windows 10 will get more popularity among users.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to get 500 million more users in just 21 months to reach the goal of 1 billion users? Share your views in comments.