Andrew Ng Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Ng is best known for his AI research around the world and visionary idea of AI powered world. In March professor Ng wrote a blog post about leaving Chinese tech giant Baidu that wiped about a billion dollar from the company value. In June on Twitter Ng announced his new project that caused rumors in the tech industry about his next project.

Ng launched his 2nd big online course on AI — Deep Learning Specialization on an online course startup coursera co-founded by Andrew Ng. Back in 2012, Ng published his first Machine Learning course which according to TR attracted almost 2 million students.

In his new course, he’s using Python to teach deep learning which currently holds the title of best programming language for machine learning and deep learning. however, in his machine learning course Ng used MATLAB to teach machine learning. Not just Python this new course will also be teaching the use of Tensoflow Library developed by Google.

According to Andrew, AI is the new electricity and can change nearly every industry — healthcare, transportation, entertainment, manufacturing etc. “I want us to build a new AI-powered society,” Ng tells WIRED.

Andrew’s new course isn’t free as his old machine learning course, students will have full access for the first week after that it’ll cost $49 per month. However, the course claims to give a complete understanding of deep learning. Ng said that this course is one of his three projects there are two more to come.

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