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Amazon always comes up with new ideas about how it will use Alexa in different things. Like in the past months i.e. in CES2017, Amazon used the Alexa for the IoT devices. But, this time Amazon is opening the voice recognition technology found in Echo speaker for anyone who wants to use it.

Third party OEM’s which are interested in such access will have to apply to the Alexa 7-Mic Far-Field Development kit. it will be a strictly invite-only affair to start with, as stated by Amazon. Every request from the third parties will be strictly analyzed by the team and presumably only grant access to those it sees the most potential in. But it is good to hear that the company is not even charging a single penny to the OEM’s who participate.

If your request is accepted, you can use the Alexa via Echo’s microphone array into your own product. Certain tweaks can be made such as picking the voices of the user even in a noisy environment or customize the Amazon’s awake word software. This software also handles noise reduction and echo cancellation.

For now, the chips which are supported includes Intel x86, ARM Cortex, Raspberry Pi and others. Let’s hope from the company that it will make available its kit to many other chips. But looking at this class step by Amazon, it is expected that we will see many devices in the near future running the company’s Alexa.

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