hear attack
credit: https://goo.gl/icIN7C

Dr. Stephen Weng and a team of physicians and computer engineers at the University of Nottingham developed a machine learning algorithm to predict the risk of Heart Attack. Developers of this algorithm believing that it can save lives by predicting the risk at right time, According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Heart Attack is the leading killer in the United States.

In a paper published by Dr. Weng says that algorithm uses routine clinical training data of 378,256 patients from United Kingdom family — The goal was to find pattern the records that were associated with cardiovascular events. AI use total data of 75% patients to train itself and used the training based knowledge to make decision for rest 25% patient data.

AI accurately predicted 7.6% more heart attack risk than standard methods use by doctors that involve hypertension, cholesterol, age, smoking, diabetes and other risk factors. With this level of accuracy, the algorithm is able to predict heart attack risk for up to 10 years in the future.

“In the year 2012, 17.5 million people died due to cardiovascular disease, 7.4 million died due to coronary heart disease and 6.4 million due to stroke it was necessary to develop a technology to control this”, said Dr. Weng.

In an interview with NBC Dr. Stephen Weng said, “There’s no where near AI will be replacing doctors any sooner. You’ll always need doctors and nurses, An AI algorithm won’t be able to tell you that the patient was nervous because they had a big job interview in the afternoon”

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