Jobs created by Artificial intelligence

We all are aware of that AI will take over thousands of jobs, in some cases, AI has already taken over many jobs. As humans, we pay close attention to bad things, not good things. Meanwhile, people are losing their mind on job crisis which’s going to happen in few years because of AI, some researchers and companies giving real life statistics and data that proves AI will create more jobs than it going to take from us.

A global study led by PLC says that more than 1,000 companies are using/testing AI and machine learning in different ways. According to MIT, there are 3 jobs that AI won’t be able to replace that includes trainers, explainers, and sustainers. However, there is one more job that won’t replace by AI any sooner and that’s the job of teachers.


The job of trainers will require human workers to train AI system/algorithm how they should perform their tasks. In case you don’t, AI system requires a lot of training before performing any particular task. The main work for trainers would be feeding lot of training data to AI system/algorithm. The accuracy of tasks performed by an AI system 100% depends on training data provided by trainers.

For example, services like customer chatbots should be trained to identify complexities and subtleties of human communication. Companies like Yahoo Inc. hired many human trainers to train their AI system to identify complexities and subtleties of human communication. Surprisingly, Yahoo developers managed to develop an algorithm that identifies sarcasm on social media and websites with an accuracy of 80%.

However, study suggests trainers won’t need to have a college degree to get this job but some skills. The skills trainers should have are basic knowledge of machine learning/deep learning, training computer programs, etc. People can get necessary skills by training programs and by learning online.


The job of Explainers will also require human works at the workplace or who else will explain complex back-end work to non-technical people. The work of explainers will create a bridge between tech savvy and business leaders, who don’t have technical knowledge.

In next few years, explainers would be one of the height paying work in Artificial Intelligence technology. In many organizations there are more non-technical employees than tech savvies.

For example, if a developer creates an algorithm to predict if the breast tumor is benign or malignant and algorithm works perfectly. For a doctor understanding the backend working of the algorithm could be a big deal. This is where explainers came into the game.

However, unlike trainers, explainers will have to have a college degree and a good knowledge of mathematics and complex algorithm.


Sustainers’ jobs would be also done by humans, not by AI systems/machine learning algorithms. Currently, the almost all major company working with AI system/machine learning only a few have the high degree of confidence in auditability of their AI systems. This is where sustainers will play their role.

Sustainers will work just a director while running algorithms, they will keep theirs on every step taken by the system. Sustainers aka the watchdogs of AI systems will be upholding norms of human values and morals.


Some research suggests that teachers would be replaced by Artificial Intelligence but it’s gonna take 3-4 decades to replace teachers completely. However, Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba believes that AI will never be able to replace human teachers.

Jack Ma says that if the world governments want to save people job crisis in the future then they need to provide education according to future challenges. Surely, to make it happen they need new teachers with knowledge of technology and future challenges. That’s teacher’s job can be a save job for people.

According to you which job is safe for the future?Share your views in comments.