Baidu Operating System Self Driving Cars

Last Tuesday Chinese technology giant Baidu announced it’ll be open-sourcing Self-Driving Car’s Operating System that’s developed by Baidu Research. While other companies like Google and Uber keep their Self-Driving technology as a secret, After open-sourcing its self-driving technology Chinese tech giant wants to play a big role in the future development of self-driving cars.

Companies that are developing Self-Driving cars keep their technology behind high security, other small car manufactures with low technology resources face difficulty in Self-Driving car development. Baidu believes that their open-source Operating System for Self-Driving cars will boost the development of Self-Driving Prototypes.

“We see a lot of reinventing the wheel,” says Qi Lu, president and chief operating officer of Baidu and general manager of the company’s Intelligent Driving Group. “Let’s innovate at a higher level.”

Baidu’s Self-Driving platform/Operating System is named “Apollo” in honor of NASA’s moon missions, in July 2017 this technology will be available for free to any automaker looking to help develop self-driving cars.

It remains to be seen how well how Baidu’s self-driving technology will perform in real life road testing with different automakers, parts like control and sensor software would play a big role in testing because Baidu has done less testing of its technology than some other companies like Google and Uber.

The company is likely to follow footprints of Google Android that started in the year 2008 and became the leading mobile operating system in more than 190 countries around the world. And in 2017 Android became the most popular operating system in use.

“The fundamental motivation is to create an open ecosystem that will accelerate the pace of innovation toward fully autonomous driving, which will have profound changes to our society,” Lu said.