Robot commited ucide

Robots and AIs might be taking over our jobs in the future, But the question is will they live long enough to do that? A patrol robot called Knightscope K5 at the MRP Realty office in Washington DC, fall into a public fountain inside the complex. The reason behind in this incident is unclear, but people on the internet started calling Knightscope K5 a “Suicidal Robot”.

As we are focusing on building more human like robots, maybe robot went near the fountain to refresh itself, just like we human do. It didn’t go well for the robot and it falls into the fountain.

Stacy Dean Stephens, VP of marketing at Knightscope told CNET that it was “an isolated incident” and they are investigating the reason behind this. Meanwhile, the company will be shipping a new Knightscope K5 to DC for free.