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SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has been telling the risks of AI for a quite long time. Recently Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk involved in a fight over this topic on Twitter and Facebook. The risk of AI is documented over here at GeekBoy and elsewhere. But last month at NGA Musk described AI as “the greatest risk we face as a civilization.”

According to fortune.com, on Wednesday during Tesla earnings call Musk explained the role of Government’s role on AI.

Here’s the comment made by Musk during the call:

It’s just something that I think, anything that represents—that is a risk to the public deserves at least insight from the government because one of the mandates of the government is the public well-being. And that insight is different from oversight, so at least the government should have insight to understand what’s going on, and then decide what rules are appropriate to ensure public safety.

That is what I’m advocating for. I’m not advocating for that we stop the development of AI, or any of the sort of straw man, hyperbole things that have been written. I do think there are great benefits to AI. We just need to make sure that they’re indeed benefits, and we don’t do something really dumb.

Currently, no one knows if governments are going to control the development of AI or take any action on this. But the question is will AI really harm humans in any way? A research took place at Oxford University suggests there are 50% chance of AI outperforming humans in all tasks in 45 years and of automating all human jobs in 120 years.

However, at TNW conference YouTuber Siraj Raval told us “How Do We Prevent an AI Apocalypse?”.

Here’s the video of TNW conference:

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