facebook china colorful balloons
image: thebestvpn.uk

Looks like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to spread his empire of the social network in China. In May, Facebook secretly launched a photo sharing app called “Colorful Balloons” in China, where mostly all social networking sites are banned. The Colorful Balloons has a UI that looks like Facebook’s moments, which allow users to share photos.

According to NYTimes, The app is working with China’s the biggest social network WeChat. The company launched the app with help of a local company called Youge Internet Technology.

The Company is trying really hard to make a way into the biggest market in the world, China has 700 million internet users who buy $750 billion worth of stuff online. In a statement, Facebook claimed that they are interested in China and working and learning more about the country.

The Chinese Government banned Facebook back in 2009, Instagram in 2014 and WhatsApp in July 2017. However, people of China are still able to send messages and photos over WhatsApp using VPN services. But Chinese Government is planning to make more powerful The Great Firewall by banning VPN services in the country.

Back in 2014, Facebook launched its services on the hidden internet which uses TOR network to access it. In case you don’t know, TOR (The Onion Router) uses an encrypted network to access the internet and special domains .onion.

Currently, it’s unclear if the Chinese Government is aware of this but it can cause more difficulties for Facebook to enter in China.

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