Facebook TV
Image: https://goo.gl/Li8fdg

Mark Zuckerberg want us to spend more time on Facebook that’s why Facebook is adding more services almost every day. According to a report published on BusinessInsider, Facebook is planning to launch its TV service.

People behind this plan said to BI,”Facebook has been looking for shows in the distinct tiers: a marquee tier a few longer big-budget show that would feel at home on TV, and a lower tier for shorter, less expensive show of around 5-10 minutes in length that refreshes every 24 hours.”

Facebook will be directly controlling video content that will appear in the news feed of almost 1.5 billion-member of Facebook’s Social Network that includes Instagram and Facebook. The main goal of bringing TV service to facebook is to attract young Snapchat-Loving to facebook who are increasing every day.

The company will also introduce 5-30 minutes high-budget original web series shows in Facebook’s video lab comparable to Netflix’s shows like “House of Cards” and “Scandal”. By launching Facebook video service there’s no doubt Facebook is standing against premium video services like Amazon, YouTube and Netflix.

The report suggests that Facebook has been working on this project since December. Last year in December facebook hired Ricky Van Veen, co-founder of CollegeHumor as the global creative strategy chief, to develop the platform for Facebook’s video service.

Facebook might add mid video ads to make big revenue for facebook and content creators, Just like Youtube.

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