GeekBoy Team

NakShatra SharMa
NakShatra SharMa is a young computer programmer and founder of GeekBoy who's in love with computer technology and love to write about it!
NakShatra SharMa
Kartik Shanbhag
Marketing and Analytics head
Kartik Shanbhag is a tech savvy and co-founder of GeekBoy, who keeps an eye on latest technology. At GeekBoy he handles Marketing and Analytics!
Kartik Shanbhag Kartik Shanbhag
Prathamesh Bute
A guy addicted to technology, married to his mobile and yes, a diploma student too. At Geekboy, he keeps an eye on new tech stuff and loves to write about it.
Prathamesh Bute Prathamesh Bute
Shubham Virkar
Being an Automotive Enthusiast, I love technology. Android modding is my Love and IOS is what I can't afford to play with.
Shubham Virkar Shubham Virkar
Vishal Sharma
Vishal is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. A writer by day and a reader by night. Vishal covers Technology, Reviews and much more in GeekBoy.
Vishal Sharma Vishal Sharma
Sarthak Kundra
Sarthak kundra is a technology enthusiast, a tech YouTuber and blogger. He loves to explore and expand his horizon in the field.