Brain hacking EEG

A study took place at the University of Alabama at Birmingham proves that hackers can steal your password using Brainwaves. The study says that people who are using brainwave-sensing headsets, also known as EEG are vulnerable to hackers. Currently, we use EEG headsets to control games, robotics and different things by using Brainwaves.

We Have been using EEG technology in the medical field for more than half a century, currently, this technology becoming more popular because it allows users to control things by that. Right now EEG headsets are available in the market for hundred dollars.

Nitesh Saxena, a professor at the UAB explains that if a person who paused a video game and logged into a bank account while wearing an EEG headset was at risk for having their passwords or other sensitive data stolen by a malicious software program.

This allows a hacker to short the odds of guessing 4-digit pin one in 10,000 to one in 20 and six-letter password from about 500,000 to roughly one in 500.

“Given the growing popularity of EEG headsets and the variety of ways in which they could be used, it is inevitable that they will become part of our daily lives, including while using other devices,” Saxena said.

The team of researchers along with Professor Nitesh Saxena said that we need to put more work in EEG technology to make it safe for everyone.

However, users can secure themselves by turning off EEG headsets while logging to their accounts or doing some secret thing.