HMD is a Finnish mobile phone maker that develops and markets smartphones and feature phones under the “Nokia” brand, to which it has exclusive rights. It was formed in may 2016 by buying Microsoft Mobile’s feature phones business and the rights to the brand until 2024 through a licensing agreement with our beloved Nokia.


Back in October 2016, Microsoft announced transferring its customer support for both Lumia and Nokia branded phones to global service company B2X.


B2X is the company that responsible for support most of the major big companies in the market, including Apple and Microsoft. After the acquisition by the HMD, it was quite unclear whether they would support old Lumia Phone or not!!

But now HMD speaks up about their policy and clearly mentioned on their twitter profile that “They will only support those Nokia-branded feature Phone which has been sold after December 1, 2016 and those Nokia-branded features phones sold before December 1, 2016 will be supported by B2X.

Nokia 230, Nokia 216, Nokia 150, Nokia 222, Nokia 130, and Nokia 105, these phones will be supported by HMD but keep in mind they have to bought after December 1, 2016 in order to get supported by HMD service.

Nokia Corporation was formerly the most popular and loved brand by every user, and eventually became a household name in certain markets. But due to its wrong strategy, they failed to perform well with Windows Phones.

The biggest question that remains around HMD and Nokia’s New strategy are whether operators appreciate the new concept or not.