Working with Command Line Interfaces gives you this sense of control with the system you are interacting with. CLIs are extremely fast and gives you all the information and provides you a great platform to automate the stuff you do. With Open Source being “THE THING” for the technology community, You can find modules for pretty much anything you require. Recently we came across a node module called FB Messenger CLI.

This particular module helps us read, write and send messages through a terminal. Now you have really good chance to socialize while you are writing that code or monitoring that sloppy log file. You have a good chance to automate your Facebook replies too.

Since FB Messenger CLI is a node based module, Make sure you have node.js and Node Package Manager(npm) installed. You can find installation instructions here. Once you have npm on your system, Fire the following command to install FB Messenger CLI

npm install -g fb-messenger-cli

To launch the FB Messenger via your command line interface, Fire the following command


It will ask you for your Facebook credentials, Enter it and voila! You are using FB via your CLI.

How to use Facebook CLI?

Using this particular module is pretty simple. Just enter the number printed in front of the terminal, You’ll start chatting with the person you chose.

You can type,/help A help panel like this will be displayed.

Now we geeks can have a social life up to some extent while we are messing with our servers *Tears of Joy*.

Let us know in the comment below, what you think about this amazing node module.