Python fun projects

Python as a language has matured a lot over the years by the continuous development by the Open Source Community. You have modules implemented for just about anything. Sometimes you might have a fun idea that you would like to implement, Python will always be our first choice personally.

We recently came across a Python module which lets you know a number of memes present in your Facebook news-feed. The module name is Meme Density and it is amazing. Since early 2016, Facebook has been tagging images automatically by adding alt tags, describing the content of the image.

For instance, Facebook categorizes an image of bike as <img class=”_46-i img” src=”imagepath.jpg” style=”left:-2px; top:0px;” alt=”Image may contain: people sitting and motorcycle” width=”480″ height=”270″>.

Images are being labeled using Deep CoveNet build by Facebook’s  FAIR Team.

Meme Density requires Phantomjs, You can install it from here. Once Phantomjs is installed, You can install Meme Density from pip or pulling the git source and install it manually. We will install it using pip,pip install memedensity Simple enough?

Once you’ve installed Meme Density, You can run the following

Meme Density Workflow

Meme Density has following options:

It’s an amazing project and shows cases Pythons potential about to implement any idea or Proof of Concept. Do let us know if you have seen or developed similar projects.

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