IBM Artificial brain

Brace yourself IBM isn’t too far away from building computers with the human level brain.   IBM announced that IBM and USAF Built an Artificial Brain(TrueNorth Neurosynaptic System) that already has 64 million neurons and 16 billion synapses.

With the collaboration of Cornell University, IBM originally developed TrueNorth Neurosynaptic System under the auspices of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics program.

The system uses 64 IBM’s TrueNorth chips fits in 7″ high server rack. According to the company, eight such systems will be able to contain 512 million neurons per server rack.

The system is designed to operate like biological Brain, the system supposes to do better pattern recognition and sensory processing. Just like a biological brain, IBM designed it to be extremely energy efficient. The system requires only 10 watts to power all 64 million neurons and 16 billion synapses.

However, This artificial brain isn’t efficient as a real biological brain, for comparison human brain requires only 20 watts to power 100 billion neurons. Means, there is more work to put in it to reach the level of human brain energy efficiency.

A single processor in the system contains 5.4 billion transistors, organized into 4,096 neutral cores. 4,096 neural cores create an array of 1 million digital neurons that communicate with each other using 256 million synapses.

6 years ago, TrueNorth Neurosynaptic System had just 256 neurons per system, now it contains 65 million neurons per system. That means TrueNorth Neurosynaptic System is growing at the rate of 800% per year.

However, IBM believes that with the growth rate of 800% per year they will manage to get 10 billion neurons per system by 2020. let’s do some calculations, with this growth rate system can bring 100 billion neurons per system by 2025. Surprisingly, Human Brain also contains 100 billion neurons.

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