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Big tech giants are spending billions of dollars in AI R&D, But they are lacking the human talent in AI development. As of now, Artificial Intelligence is the core of almost all tech companies, but lack of human talent slowing down the growth of AI. To keep up with the race for building AI faster and easier companies have start teaching programs.

Microsoft is one of the leading tech giants with AI ambitions, and to full fill, the lack of human talent company has started “AI University”. As a part of AI University program, the employee of the company will be learning AI technologies such as — Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Chris Bishop, the director of a Microsoft Research lab at Cambridge University Told Business Insider, “We have a thing called AI University, which is an internal education programme so that people who are incredibly smart and capable but trained in a different domain can quickly learn about machine learning both in a foundational sense but also in a practical sense of how to use it”.

The small AI project like speech recognition on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s iPhone, etc. brings a big profit to these companies. However, Microsoft isn’t the only company which is going to teach AI to its employees, companies like Google, Deep Mind, Amazon and Facebook have been teaching AI technologies to its employees.

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Unlike Google and Baidu Inc, Microsoft isn’t hiring Best AI professors from to teach its employee. But tech companies are paying a big chunk of money to university professors for working for them. A Machine Learning tutor at Oxford University left his job to work for Google’s DeepMind because of better paying. According to Bloomberg Technology, the average salary At DeepMind in 2016 was $345,000.

It’s just the beginning of AI race there will a lot to see in the upcoming future.