Is finding the Perfect Device ever possible? Well,  Modular Smartphones can do it for you.Many smartphone manufacturers are creating different devices to meet consumer requirements, But what if there’s just one device and can be customized according to needs?Well, the answer is Modular SmartPhone, a device with upgradable hardware components which can be interchanged whenever needed. this basically is just an idea taken from desktop computers which have the property of easily swapping parts such as hard drives, memory, and graphics cards etc.

Google Ara

Google’s Project ARA, According to resources, google suspended this project and may work with partners to bring Project Ara’s technology to market. Regina Dugan, former head of Google ATAP stopped supporting Project ARA which led down interest to the company.


Nexpaq currently the only modular technology which can be swapped between Android and iPhone. no strings attached, as simple as adding a new case to your device, But a smart and hardware customizable case.

These so-called “modules” are easily customizable, all you have to do is a swap in old parts with new ones no screws no hefty jobs with no chances of failure.

But there are flaws too, the thing that concerns it there are no locks to swapped parts they could just fall apart, so making them sturdy enough so they could hold on the device body or add an external case could possibly ensure no damage

This Upcoming Technology could be a huge hit among smartphone enthusiasts and developers around the world. But For now, let’s just hope something new would come up that gradually will increase the Verge of Modular Phones.