Flexible smartphones are always a major eye-catching feature in the smartphone industry. They are slim, flexible and most importantly looks better than our traditional Mobile devices. But despite being flexible and curvy, the only thing we are able to clearly manufacture till now is foldable or flexible displays. Even manufacturing those components took a long time just to a normal flexible display. They are fragile and costly too. And even we don’t have flexible memories till now.


But now, the scientists have found a way to manufacture flexible memories with the help of a material which is a lot cheaper than our traditional silicon and other materials “A Hybrid combination made of hybrid Graphene oxide-titanium oxide”. This whole combination is so capable that even it can Read/Write within 5 seconds. It’s just 50 nanometers long and 8 nanometers thick that makes it a suitable for Flash memories in flexible devices.

Flexible Memories

Those who don’t know about Graphene, “it’s an allotrope of carbon in the form of a 2D, atomic-scale, hexagonal lattice in which one atom forms each vertex. It is the basic structural element of other allotropes, including graphite, charcoal, carbon anotubes and fullerenes”….. Too much chemistry haha !! 🙂

On a simple note, it’s the thinnest material known to man and conducts electricity better than any other compound and it’s widely available too.

The problem associated with Graphene is it’s slow and very complex manufacturing process. With the help of newly developed process and never ending researches, Graphene Flexible Flash memories soon will be available to its mass production, Yes, it’s too early to say but the big tech giants like Samsung and other big companies are investing their billions to make this happen soon.

Smartphones with a Flexible display, flexible batteries, and even flexible memory chips…. Sounds cool, No !! I guess you’ll have to wait a little longer for this to happen. 🙂