The Ultimate Supercomputer, Nissan GT-R.

 r35 nissan gtr
r35 Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R a handbuilt 2-door 2+2 high-performance vehicle produced by Nissan unveiled in 2007.It is the successor to the Skyline GT-R although no longer part of the Skyline range itself.

Though a bit of heavy on Cash, the Nissan GT-r is the ultimate geek’s toy. The Premium GT-R has a body-colored rear spoiler whereas the Black Edition has a dry carbon-fiber rear spoiler. Both the Premium andBlack Edition GT-R are fitted with high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights, automatic on/off headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED taillights and brake lights, dual heated body-color power outside mirrors, power folding outside mirrors, flush-mounted aluminum door handles, four 5″ exhaust outlets with polished tips and UV-reducing solar glass.

Nissan states the GT-R can reach a top speed of 193 mph (311 km/h). Motor Trend recorded a top speed of 195.0 mph (313.8 km/h). In tests, the original production model was shown to be capable of achieving 0-60 mph (97 km/h) times as low as 3.2 seconds using “launch control”.  Owners expressed concern that duplicating the times achieved in these tests would void their factory warranty. It’s chief vehicle engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno has indicated that he has never used the term “launch control”. Which refers to the act of turning off vehicle dynamic control (VDC) and launching the car at around 4500 rpm. However, Nissan’s director of product planning John Wiener stated in an interview with Jay Leno that “we (Nissan) actually offer a ‘launch mode'”.

The GT-R user’s manual states that turning off theVDC is only meant for escaping low-traction situations such as mud or snow. Nissan has re-programmed the 2010 model year GT-R to reduce the engine speed at launch to around 3,000-3,500 rpm with VDC enabled, which is meant to improve acceleration times. The new programming was also installed on old 2009 vehicles still in Nissan’s inventory and is available for existing 2009 vehicles. The updated GT-R now has a launch mode called “R-Mode Start”.

The system allows a maximum of 4 consecutive hard launches before locking itself out. After which it can be unlocked by driving normally for 1.5 miles. The increased engine output of later models combined with the “R-Mode Start” has lowered the 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time to 2.7 seconds.  Motor Trend achieved a standing quarter-mile time of 11.6 s at 120.0 mph (193.1 km/h). Autocar achieved a 0-100 mph (160 km/h) time of 8.5 seconds.

All of this handbuilt machinery is controlled by a Perfectly Tuned ECU. Which can also be replaced by plug and play ECUs or Remapping technology. Hence the Nissan GT-r is the ultimate Geekboy’s choice for a Ride. 🙂

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