After Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant And window’s Cortana, Nokia is building a new Voice assistant named Viki.

Finnish multinational communications and information technology company Nokia Officially Revealed its new android phone named Nokia 6.Currently the top trending Android Smartphone in the geek-market.

The Recent report from GSMinfo Claimed That Nokia Has filed a trademark for the name ‘Nokia Viki’ in Europe.The filing noted

“Software for the creation and monitoring of mobile and web digital assistants working with knowledge and combining all data sources into a single chat and voice based interface. “

Resources claim this A.I-Voice Assistant combines all data sources into a single chat and voice-based interface.

Quite obvious that this is just a Trademark Filing and no official reports have been released by Nokia corp. But let’s Not Forget that this A.I based Voice Assistant is Developed by Nokiawell known for its cutting edge technology.

Google’s Assistant baked into Pixel’s Android OS is currently known for its easy interfacing and answering capabilities.A user can set reminders, Appointments, store To-Dos and much more.Quality build and feel. Timely updates if assigned any.

On the other hand, Window’s Cortana is quite more complex and lag a bit in terms of productivity a better interfacing. Settings Sync Across All Devices.But Privacy and Security are some issues.

Amazon’s Alexa the tough competitor is quite a handy device with the ability to control your Other devices too.Invoking Skills, highly extensible.But on the other side Chatbots that are truly useful will need to extend themselves far beyond a simple set of connections. Alexa can be temperamental.

Apple’s Siri voice-controlled personal assistant though has the best interfacing but is only limited to IOS devices only. You can call, email, set reminders,o pen apps and do a lot more. but the cons are Lack of function, Privacy Issues, There are other simple Options out there.

Clearly, all Smart-tech MNCs are competing and building such Artificial Intelligence(AI) for the betterment of human effort towards many things in life.

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