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BOCA RATON, UNITED STATES: This photo taken 10 May 2002 shows the VeriChip, which was implanted for the first time in a family in Boca Raton, Florida. The chip, a product of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. will contain personal medical information which is acquired with a specialized digital reader. AFP PHOTO/RHONA WISE (Photo credit should read RHONA WISE/AFP/Getty Images)

Epicenter, the company based in Stockholm, Sweden has taken baby steps in turning its employees into “cyborgs”. The microchip is implanted in the human which is approximately the size of a rice grain. This is a new idea company comes up after injecting a semi-painless injection between the thumb and index finger.

Well, looking in the past years, this is not the first time when the microchip is implanted in the humans. But remarkable thing is that this is the first time when the company is using such implants for the employees at this level. Implanting the microchips into a human body is now a normal routine for this Swedish company and even popular.

This Swedish company is using the implants in their employees and startup members turning them into the cyborg. According to Patrick Mesterton, Epicenter’s co-founder and CEO, it’s all about convenience. Epicenter provides network and office space to budding digital startups. The currently home to more than 100 companies and 2000 workers.

For now, the microchips are used as the swipe cards. The implant in the body acts as a key to open locked doors, operate the printers in the office or can even order smoothies with a wave of their hands. Mesterton himself demoed opening the door by just waving the hand near it. There are more than 150 Epicenter employees which are “chipped”. The company also appreciates the employees to get an implant by organizing certain events or even by keeping the party for those who were newly implanted. This implant is the solution to the new problem we all face: carrying too much stuff.

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Many of the new smartphones available in the market have NFC which does sort of the same thing. But for this, implanting a whole chip in the body is something different. Maybe this can be even possible that the sub-dermal implant does not offer the flexibility when the chances are. But creating human a cyborg is pretty lovely.