Most people throw away their old computers when they get new ones. Don’t be one of those people. Instead, turn your old PC into an awesome Media Center With many functionality or you can buy a cheap Raspberry pi to do so with your old CRT T.V. or LCD TV.

Things Needed for Converting Old P.C.

If Your PC’s RAM is less then 1 GB then i recommend  you to change your O.S. to linux and Linux mint is the best Destro for beginners you can visit there website by Clicking here 

For Noobies Download Cinnamon UI as shown in the image below and architecture according to your CPU if don’t know go for x86

Media center Installation Guide

To do this you need a media center and best open source multi platform media center with Add on support is KODI.

Linux Installation Guide:-

You just need to type this command in terminal to open terminal press

CTRL+ALT+T in that paste this command

“sudo apt-get install kodi” as shown in the image below

Then enter Password after that it will as

to run it just  type  “kodi” in terminal

If you find it difficult to understand then watch its video after the post.

Windows Installation Guide:-

For windows Its a peace of cake Just download its exe by Clicking here and install it

Installation Guide for raspberry pi :-

Process is long So here is the video from which you can easily under stand.

Smart Remote configuration

With this smart remote app you can easily Cast your phones content to kodi

You can watch free movies using terrarium tv.

Here is an easy video guide to do it.

Download yatse from Play store or App store