The Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics unveiled Linux-Based Tizen 4.0 open-source operating system. Samsung shows off the new version of Tizen 4.0 operating system at Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) 2017 in San Fransisco.

In 2012 Samsung introduced the first version of Tizen 1.0 as an open-source project; since then, Tizen has given a positive effect to almost all Samsung products. It played a big role in Samsung’s smart TVs and smartphone. But, bringing it to smartphones, smart TVs etc., Samsung has planned to merge Tizen into more IoT devices.

According to Samsung, After the release of Tizen, Samsung get a good growth in sales as well as in the performance of its devices.

“Tizen has proven itself as the most successful Linux-based embedded OS in the world. Among open collaborations, and as we enter the IoT era, we expect Tizen will open new opportunities for the future of IoT,” said Hyogun Lee, Vice President of the Visual Display.

to expand the ecosystem for Tizen-based IoT devices Samsung has planned to work with chip makers such as ARTIK and China.

Samsung entered the partnership with Microsoft, which will help developers to easily develop Tizen apps with popular programming languages. Specifically, C# Developers would be able create Tizen apps using Microsoft .NET and Xamarin UI framework.

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