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Image: SpaceX

Humans are planning to visit Mars and even beyond our solar system which is going take some time but to do that we have to have high computing power in space. To complete the requirement of computing in the space HPE(Hewlett Packard Enterprise) built a supercomputer, called the Spaceborne Computer. The computer will be sent to International Space Station(ISS) by SpaceX’s CRS-12 rocket.

SpaceX’s CRS-12 rocket will launch from Kennedy Space Center with Spaceborne Computer. The HPE Spaceborne Computer is based on HP’s Apollo Server System which is the world’s first water-cooled supercomputer and uses an unspecified version of Linux.

According to NASA, the computer would be programmed to detect and respond to radiation events. The radiation events that take place in the space can be harmful to ISS and computers of ISS.

Scientists believe that this research will help them to find ways to protect ISS from these radiation events. However, computing power is always a big deal when it comes to space for both research and communications. That’s because in the space latency becomes a big deal because of the distance from the Earth. For example sending a message from Earth to Mars take up to 20 minutes and another 20 minutes to receive a response.

The computer can also be used to improve latency in the space which will be helpful for scientists to communicate in space. The SpaceX’s rocket will launch supercomputer on Monday, August 14, at 10:00 IST you can watch the launch on SpaceX’s YouTube Channel.

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