Stack Overflow App

Stack Overflow is the biggest community of programmers from around the world. However, It helps more than 45 million programmers. It doesn’t matter how obscure your problem is — Stake Overflow always has you back. Finally, The Website has launched App for IOS and Android phones.

If the user decides to install both Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow app, Stack Overflow notifications will appear in the Stack Overflow app, and all other Stack Exchange notifications will appear in the Stack Exchange app.

The Application properties let you do almost everything that you can do on the website. The Application Includes many features such as — Read-ask-answer-comment-flag and vote on questions, Get a push notification, Search and filter etc.

At the time of writing, IOS app is completely stable and Android app is still in beta version as the company making UI more user-friendly.

The application allows users to beg strangers to PLZ SEND TEH CODEZ when they are away from their laptop. 😉

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