thimble by mozilla

If you want to learn web development or you’re already a provisional web developer then it’s going to be a good news for you! Mozilla launched Thimble in 2012, an online code editor that allows you see website live preview of you web design while you’re coding it.

In 2015 Mozilla relaunched Thimble with some new features, in the new version of Thimble they provided the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and coding tasks.

It’s based on the Adobe’s Brackets an open source project. Mozilla is aiming the projects at educators and their students who want to build their own learning experiences.

IT also reflects the fact that even beginners will want to target their sites at mobile, so the preview mode now allows you to see mobile previews as well.

As soon as you visit their website you’ll have to create your account, you’ll see multiple templates that you can edit, improve, make something better and it’ll help you to improve your coding skills.

thimble by mozilla

After completing your project it’ll automaticity save in its database. you can publish your project by just clicking publish button you’ll have your own page on the website that comes with shareable links.