Top 10 Programming to Learn in 2018

We are living in the time when almost everything depends on computers and code, and without our programmers, we’d be living in the 20th century. As they say “if you can control code, you can control the world”, programmers literally controlling lives of other people. In the future programming will be the highest paying jobs in the world. But choosing the right programming language, to begin with can be the hardest part for a beginner.

In this article, I’ll be listing Top 10 programming languages to learn in 2018, and the best thing is that you can start your programming journey with these languages.

“Learn to code, it’s more important than English as a second language”

 — Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc.

10. C Programming Language:

The mother of all programming language still rules the tech industry. The core of major Operating Systems like Linux, Windows and MacOS are written in C Language. C Language can also be used in writing other applications and software and if you plan to be a game developer C language will best for you!

Start Learning Here: Learn-c.orgtutorialspoint

09. C++:

Since C++ is a low-level programming language, the language has a huge role in core operating systems like Linux, Windows and MacOS. C++ is huge language and you’ll need handle complex thing like memory management while working on it. If you plan to develop high-end graphics games then C++ is popular in high-end graphics games.

Start Learning Here: learncpp.comtutorialspoint

08. JavaScript:

JavaScript isn’t Java (JavaScript != Java)! JavaScript allows web developers to build more interactive websites. JavaScript works with HTML and CSS and almost all websites use JavaScript to look cooler and attractive.

Start Learning Here: W3Schools, codecademy

07. PHP:

Almost 95% websites around the world have been running on PHP. PHP was designed to make web development easier and PHP is one of the best programming languages for beginners. World’s biggest social networking site is also running on PHP!

Start Learning Here: W3School,

06. Java:

Java isn’t JavaScript (Java != JavaScript)! Java was developed to create an alternative language to C++, which is a complex language. There’s almost 90 million Java globally which makes it the most popular programming language with the largest community. Google’s operating system Android made Java more popular by introducing Android App development. Since Android runs on Java language environment, it’s good to learn Java if like to be Android Developer!

Start Learning Here: tutorialspoint, learnjavaonline

05. Kotlin:

Kotlin is an alternative programming to Java for Android Development, In 2017 Google’s officially added Kotlin as a 2nd language to Develop Android Applications. However, Kotlin is a multiplatform programming language. It’s a good time to learn Kotlin because it’s the newest programming language and growing with speed of light!

Start Learning Here: KotlinLang

04. Swift:

There isn’t much about Swift programming language but if like to develop apps for Apple’s MacOS or iPhone you’ll have to learn Swift programming language. Swift was developed by Apple Inc. as a native programming language to its operating system. It’s currently a new programming and that’d be good for to learn it!

Start Learning Here: Apple.comtutorialspoint

03. Julia:

You might never hear of Julia programming language but Julia language is becoming popular in AI development. Well, Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for numerical computing which good machine learning and deep learning.

Start Learning Here:

02. R:

R is an Open Source programming and was developed for statistical computing. The Source code of R is written in C and Fortran, which also helps R to speed up processing. If you are interested in statistics R is best for you!

Start Learning Here: tutorialspoint, R-Bloggers

01. Python:

Python is a general-purpose language, You can use python to build almost anything. The Python Language is the fastest growing programming language in the world right now. Python has 5th largest StackOverflow community and it’s the 4th most used language on GitHub. The Biggest tech giant Google and Google’s YouTube is also running on Python. I’m personally a Big fan of Python and currently doing AI development using Python, If you would like to learn AI development go with Python!

Start Learning Here:, learnpythonthehardway

I hope this article helped you to find the best language to learn 2018! if you want something to add feel free to comment down below!