As we all know that programming isn’t an easy task to do. It takes years of hard work and practice to master any programming languages. choosing a right programming to get your all jobs done is one of the hard decision for beginners but if you know what you’re trying to learn, it gets easier for you to choose the right programming language.

There are languages like PHP and JavaScript for web development, Java and Swift are preferred for creating mobile applications for android and IOS.

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Why Choose to learn Programming?:

A lot of people get into programming because they love the challenges, are excited by computers or want to build a career in developing websites, mobile apps or desktop programs. But even if you don’t want to become a programmer for a living, it’s still worth to learn how to program. If computers are all a part of your life, then learning to program is going to improve your life.

IT sector is the fastest growing sector in the world according to “In 10 years there will be 10 million jobs in computer science sector and only 1 million people will be eligible for those jobs, that’s a big shortage of 9 million people.”, Hopefully, it gave you an Idea that the future of computer programming is really bright.

Top5 Most Difficult programming languages:

5. Chef:

Chef is a programming language in which programs look like recipes.

Hello World Souffle.

This recipe prints the immortal words “Hello world!”, in a basically brute force way. It also makes a lot of food for one person.

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4. WhiteSpace:

the name for this programming language is exactly what it does: Whitespace creates programs based off of… whitespace. The Whitespace website has a great description of how the language works.

3. reMorse:

reMorse is a language intended to look like morse code. Visions of submarines and telegrams come to mind with this simple yet incredibly challenging language. Here’s the reMorse version of “Hello World”:


2. COW:

The COW programming language is an esoteric programming language created by Sean Heber in 2003. It is a Brainfuck variant designed humorously with Bovinae in mind. COW has twelve instructions (four more than Brainfuck) and is Turing-complete. Most instructions are moos, only the capitalization varies mOo, moO, mOO, Moo, and so on.

Here’s “Hello World” Example In Cow:

1. BrainFuck:

Brainfuck was created in 1993 by Urban Müller, and his implementation remains a de facto standard. Its specification is as simple as 8 commands, so it hasn’t passed standardisation, and it has lots of amateur implementations, none of which are of commercial value.

“Hello World” Example in BrianFuck!

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