Adylkuzz Malware Cyber Attack

Last week a deadly ransomware WanaCrypt0r (aka WannaCry) affected more than 100K+ computers in 100+ countries, encrypting all the data. A new malware called Adylkuzz has arrived and affecting more computers and making more money than WannaCry. Read more about WannaCry in this article.

The hacker used the same exploit that allowed the WannaCry ransomware attack to spread with the speed of light. Adylkuzz has gone unnoticed since April, That’s because unlike WannaCry, which need attention to get money directly from the user. The new malware makes money by mining.

The new malware just simply installs a piece of software and borrows your PC’s resources such as RAM, CPU, and GPU. And after that, it set to start mining an open-source cryptocurrency known as Monero. The Malware performs all operations in the background and goes unnoticed by users.

Adylkuzz Malware came to be less harmful than WannaCry but slows down the computer which is so frustrating for users. Proofpoint a cyber security company claims that hundreds of thousands PCs and server could be its victims.

You might be wondering, Why Adylkuzz isn’t so much attention like WannaCry?, And That’s Because it doesn’t lock your computer or files. It just uses your PC resources and does its job in the background.

WannaCry managed to make only $80,000 So far, But researchers believe that Adylkuzz has made almost $1 million by mining Monero. The current market worth of one Monero is about $28 and as compared to Bitcoin(1BTC = $1926), Monero is easier to mine.

How to protect yourself from Adylkuzz?

All you need to do is update your Windows PCs with the latest security patch. Juts like WannaCry, Adylkuzz is also affecting old unpatched Windows machines. So, By installing latest security patch users can protect themselves from getting hacked.

Do you think it’s just the beginning for cyber war after the leak of NSA’s hacking tool? Share your views in comments.