Ian Beer is a popular white hat and part of Google’s Zero Project, who is known to build Jailbreak IOS versions. Thanks to Beer, Google recently published a powerful IOS exploit, which can easily exploit IOS 11.1.2 version. The exploit published by Google will help security researchers to hack IOS 11.1.2 and find critical bugs in it.

Beer released the exploit on Money on his Twitter account and named the Exploit tfp0. He also said that the exploit should work on all devices. He already tested the exploit on iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPod Touch 6G, he also added that adding more support should be easy.

On 5th December, he caused a stir among hackers communities by announcing that he has successfully hacked on iPhone and will be releasing the exploit for IOS 11.1.2. That was a good news for security researchers for jailbreaking and security research.

In an interview with beer told Motherboard that the goal is to allow other security researchers to explore and test the security layers of iOS without needing to develop and find their own exploits. Another well IOS hacker Luca Todesco believes that the exploit written by Beer will definitely help other researchers to find more bugs who currently don’t have their own IOS bugs.

Not just IOS or Apple, Google’s Project Zero team also finds bugs in other softwares and applications. and the cool thing about Beer is that he was the first researcher to publish his findings under Project Zero!

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