Artificial Intelligence is becoming a big deal these days, and companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook are investing billions of dollars in AI R&D. You might probably be hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence these days and might want to learn it. So, in this article, I’ll guide step by step from the history of AI to coding part. Trust me you should start learning AI! Because It’s the future of human race!

What’s Artificial Intelligence?:

The most complex thing in the universe known to humanity is a human brain, no one actually know how it really works and the idea of AI is completely based on it. The main goal of AI is to build intelligent machines using human brain’s model. In the development of AI, we use mathematical algorithms to build a human brain like models. The AI programmes aren’t hard-coded programs with millions of If-else statements to do a limited task. The cool thing about Artificial Intelligence is that it can learn things from experience or data just like humans.

History of AI:

The Idea of Artificial Intelligence was born in early 50’s when scientists and engineers from a variety of fields discuss the idea of creating an artificial brain. The foundation of AI research (discipline) was founded in 1956 by an American computer scientist John McCarthy. However, the actual work of AI research took place in 1980’s when mathematicians and scientist introduced us to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.  In 80’s  The Godfather of Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Network, Geoffrey Hinton boosted the idea of AI by developing algorithm “BackPropagation”. But back then the computers weren’t that powerful to do the actual learning, Big thanks to Gamers for GPUs that made easy to train big AI models!

Future of AI:

In the 21st century human life pretty much completely depends on computers, when computers aren’t even smart, the computers just do what we tell them to do. The future of artificial intelligence is going to really bright and if you are planning to build your career in AI this the right to do that. The Artificial Neural Nets predicting cancer better than doctors, translating languages better than humans and even beating humans in complex games like Go, Chess, etc.

A research publishes by oxford university suggests that in 120 years AI will be able to do all humans jobs. which is quite scary but still that’s the truth. However, AI is an Idea, not an Organisation and ideas are unstoppable!

How To Learn Artificial Intelligence?:

Before you start Googling “How to make AI” stop right there! Before beginning with AI development you’ll have to go through some serious learning. The learning requirements include Maths, Programming, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Here I’ll explain each and every point and will proving best learning resources that I came across.

Maths of Artificial Intelligence:

Maths is going to be your first step to begin learning AI. However, many people suggest that you don’t really need maths, to begin learning AI but if you think about it machine learning and deep learning both are completely based on mathematical algorithms. So without understanding maths, you won’t understand the inner working of algorithms. For AI you’ll need to mathematical concepts such as – Linear Algebra, CalculusProbability Theory and Statistics, etc.

Linear Algebra: Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction (Available Titles CengageNOW)
Probability Theory and Statistics:

Learn to Code:

After completing the Maths here comes the fun part!. To build a computer program to need to learn programming languages and same apply to AI. However, there are hundreds of languages you can choose from but in my opinion, Python is the best for AI development, But other programming languages like Go, R, C++ are also playing a big role in this development. Python is easy to code language and has a big community of developers worldwide. You’ll need to understand the basics of Python and you’ll be good to go with AI.

Udemy: Complete Python Masterclass (The Best Course)
Udemy: Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python
YouTube: TheNewBoston

Machine Learning:

We have completed the maths and programming now we’ll deal with real AI Stuff! So what’s Machine Learning? And the answer is “Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence that provides computers the ability to automatically learn and improve from data and experience.” In short, we can say that by using Machine Learning algorithms can give computers the ability learn things like we humans do. Fear enough?

Coursera: Machine Learning by Andrew Ng (Free and the best to learn of Maths of Machine Learning)
Udemy: Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science (Best on Udemy)
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Deep Learning:

As we already know that the main goal of AI is to mimic the human brain and we’ll do just that using Deep Learning! In Artificial Intelligence we use Artificial Neural Networks(ANN) to mimic the human brain, ANN uses mathematical algorithms to build Neural Networks. The real human brain contains almost 100 billion neurons and they all are connected to each other with Neural Networks. There’s many types of Artificial Neural Networks But the most popular are CNN, RNN, etc.

Andrew Ng: (Best one)
Udemy: Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks (Best on Udemy)
Note: I’m also going to start my Youtube Channel to teach Machine Learning you can subscribe here.

In Future, I’ll be explaining and writing on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks to give you a better understanding of these concepts.