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Developed by GitHub, Atom is a free, open-source and a very popular code editor. With a unique UI and coding experience, and because of that Atom is loved by developers from around the world. Now, with the collaboration with Facebook, GitHub turned Atom into a complete IDE. Yes! a complete IDE!

The Company name it Atom-IDE, Atom-IDE brings a set of optional languages packages that user can use in AtomIDE. The first release of Atom-IDE includes packages for TypeScript, Flow, JavaScript, Java, C# and PHP. However, in the future release, GitHub plans to bring packages for Python, Rust, Go and maybe more.

Atom IDE

The packages provided by GitHub uses the Language Server protocol or LSP, Which adopted by a number of organizations including Microsoft, Eclipse, Red Hat, Facebook and now GitHub.

The LSP was created by Microsoft to define a common language for programming language analyzers to speak. The LSP is a language smartness provider which provides features like auto complete, go to definition, find all references, etc.

How to install/get Atom-IDE?

People who are willing to use Atom-IDE, GitHub recommended them to use Atom Beta 1.21. Atom Beta 1.21 includes all necessary protocols to run the Language Server protocol.

To use Atom-IDE you’ll have to install Atom’s IDE interface from Install Packages settings in your Atom. The Atom-IDE interface package can be found by searching atom-ide-ui. After installing IDE interface you can simply grab language packages from packages installer, language packages are here:

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